Reconciling Faith and Medicine: It Needs to Happen


I’m Erin and I’m glad you’re here.

An Integrative, Holistic Lens

On this website, I bring a Wesleyan and holistic lens to mental health, psychiatry, and the practice of inner healing. I use memoir, academic scholarship, and pastoral experience to address the following problems:

  • As a Christian I thought I was damned because I had a mental health condition and couldn’t find a framework that integrated the secular aspects of my problem with the undeniable spiritual dimension of my condition
  • I couldn’t find a therapist due to the secular mindset of training
  • I couldn’t find a therapeutic mindset until I found a Wesleyan professor of theology and disability

A Wesleyan Framework

My book draws on the Wesleyan quadrilateral and advocates for its use in maintaining a serious mental health condition: Scripture, Tradition, Reason, Experience. Read by clicking below:

This is the version I first shared on social media, but I have updated it to the one above.

Recent Posts –

Our Political Sagas

Last week I had a full blown panic attack and spiraled downward for three days until Mr. Trump was diagnosed with COVID and stopped tweeting white supremacy. Then I could gain my sanity. My discovery as a result is this: we should definitely unplug from news sometimes. Maybe just read the headlines without the detailed…

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I am worried that a lot of people are self-medicating with alcohol right now. I know that I personally have always avoided drinking a lot – it is rare for me to have even a full glass of wine. This is because I know I have an addictive personality. But for people who don’t know…

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About Me

Hi, I’m Erin. Previously a high school and university instructor, I am focusing now on being a full-time mother and tutor, writer and editor. I spend most of my time preparing to foster children with husband – a rocket scientist! – at home.

  • My mental health blog (you’re already here!) shares my story to empower others, and filters books through my eyes and the eyes of experienced scholars, whose work I review.
  • My education blog ( reflects my love of equity in education and my desire to blend peace studies with ethnic studies – I love sharing my favorite books and ideas with you!
  • My blog for first generation college students ( gets first generation college students, and others who just need to get the basics of college and advanced study down, on the path to success!