An Invitation to Healing

Dear friend,

I am excited to share my blog and my free book Emergent Grace with you on this website! As a Christian, I believe healing resources should be available, for free, to believers and potential believers.

As a writer I aim to help people

  • see themselves in the Christian story,
  • show that this is a story about hope,
  • and share that this is a hope all are invited to enter into by accepting Christ as their savior

If you haven’t accepted Christ as your savior, consider taking a moment right now to do so before proceeding.

Your life in Christ and who you are in Christ is more powerful than anything, and mental illness can block our awareness of that initially.

Therefore, I encourage you to become part of a worldwide movement of people who are transforming how we talk about mental health and the Christian faith by reading my book.

My book was published in 2020, but it had been brewing for over 10 years at that point, rooted in my undergraduate and graduate work at

  • UC Davis,
  • UC Berkeley,
  • and as a Fulbright Scholar at Moscow State University.

We are people who are focused on healing ourselves with the blood of Jesus and then healing the world.

My book features extraordinarily vulnerable reflections on faith and mental health. I will lovingly support and challenge you to find your own resources for self-compassion and resilience, while deepening your relationship to God.

Abundant blessings and love,


p.s. As you read my book, think of what other wonderings might persist in your worldview and write me and tell me all about it by filling out the contact form below.