Reconciling Faith and Medicine: It Needs to Happen


I’m Erin and I’m glad you’re here.

An Integrative, Holistic Lens

This website began in order that I might bring a Wesleyan and holistic lens to mental health, psychiatry, and the practice of inner healing. It has since extended to bringing a Christian, holistic lens to treatment and management of any chronic illness, and of faith and science generally. I use memoir, academic scholarship, and pastoral experience to address the intersection of faith, health and social wellbeing.

A Wesleyan Framework

My book draws on the Wesleyan quadrilateral and advocates for its use in maintaining a serious mental health condition: Scripture, Tradition, Reason, Experience. Read by clicking below:

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Mental health is stigmatized in the church. People criticize my religious experience as being an outcropping of mental illness. Meanwhile, other people’s mental illnesses hinder people from being able to experience the God they already worship. People might lack assurance of their salvation and worry about their soul. One man with schizophrenia wrote that he…

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Our Political Sagas

Last week I had a full blown panic attack and spiraled downward for three days until Mr. Trump was diagnosed with COVID and stopped tweeting white supremacy. Then I could gain my sanity. My discovery as a result is this: we should definitely unplug from news sometimes. Maybe just read the headlines without the detailed…

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About Me

Hi, I’m Erin. Previously a high school and university instructor, I am focusing now on being a writer and editor.

  • My faith and science blog (you’re already here!) shares my story to empower others, and filters books through my eyes and the eyes of experienced scholars, whose work I review.
  • My education blog ( reflects my love of equity in education and my desire to blend peace studies with ethnic studies – I love sharing my favorite books and ideas with you!
  • My blog for first generation college students ( gets first generation college students, and others who just need to get the basics of college and advanced study down, on the path to success! (From a Wesleyan, Christian lens.)