Contribution: Is it Possible without Consistency?

I read something recently that said that to be a meaningful contributor you have to be consistent. This is certainly true to a point. But I think it is important to realize that if you try your best, and make it clear up front that you have a disability that keeps you from being consistent and that therefore you want to know how to be involved in a way that plays to that . . . I think that if you do that then it is possible to contribute without being consistent. Just don’t sign up for roles that require consistency.

Don’t forget: you are always a contribution: just by existing – you matter. God created us all equal and we are all fully human, no matter how broken we may feel.

Don’t forget: sharing your story, when it is safe to, and when it is not traumatic to do so, is a contribution that will allow for others to feel like they can share theirs. I have made myself ill with worry after sharing – so go easy on yourself. But once you think you have the right balance, share. It brings hope, and it heals.

Don’t forget: if you can’t share, you can be a listener and support others in prayer when you hear of their needs. You are a contributor and you matter, every time you pray for and think of others.

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