Our Political Sagas

Last week I had a full blown panic attack and spiraled downward for three days until Mr. Trump was diagnosed with COVID and stopped tweeting. Then I could gain my sanity. My discovery as a result is this: we should definitely unplug from news sometimes. Maybe just read the headlines without the detailed articles. The articles themselves are biased based on the slant of the newspaper and which articles you decide to read is always also going to be a reflection of your inclinations.

Don’t be afraid to just create some peace around yourself. There is just too much trauma learning about national events and international disasters that are out of our hands. We can do nothing about them. And so lets focus on our sphere of influence, our locus of control, and forget about certain twitter accounts (which have been blessedly silent) even when they reactivate when health has been restored. Our political sagas are sagas indeed, but we don’t have to read them so attentively, especially since so much is out of our hands.

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