Staying the Course

Hi everyone. I continue to do really well, and I also have added a new med that helps manage weight gain with antipsychotics, and so I’ve stopped gaining weight, which is great. I’ve even lost some weight and want to exercise again. Since I’m feeling so good, even I have started thinking about how I should perhaps change something to make it even better. Luckily the ring I wrote about, the one that reminds me to stay the course no matter how much it feels like I don’t need this much medicine, is a helpful reminder to stay on the medicine at a high dose.

The hardest thing is that being on this high of a dose of medicine makes my life take a more shallow course, because I’m not constantly plumbing the depths of my experience like I am when I’m on less. How do I combat that?

I write.

I especially recommend journaling a lot before you go up on your medicine if possible – i.e. if you’re not in crisis, needing a high dose right away – so that you have breadcrumbs back to your deeper life source from when it wasn’t medicated away. I can still access this mentally when I read my past writing, especially my life-coaching materials, which are designed to align your life trajectory.

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