Going deeper still…

I have bought several secular books on meditation. In the mornings, I always used to do a meditation, whether mindfulness (mindfulness based stress reduction) or some other trending book with beautiful drawings and formatting. The only spiritual devotional I use is Peter Bellini’s Truth Therapy. I wrote about Truth Therapy and its positive influence in my life in my book Emergent Grace: Christian Persistence in the Face of Serious Mental Illness.

As I become more Christian however (I have been Christian for many years, but it is an ever deepening journey), I feel like a need to write a devotional book that is as attractive as the trendy, non-Christian books, but that is steeped in the historic, orthodox, Wesleyan tradition and that uses the grace from all around us that the secular books possess, while channeling it into the mystery of the Holy Trinity and the biblical canon.

I have a hard time with the idea that I need to go with a major publisher in order to write a major work. My books and poems and newsletters have been downloaded thousands of times, some of them are free, and they are helping people.

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