Self-acceptance and Self-Awareness: Zabian’s Welcome Home

Self-acceptance and self-awareness are key to building a solid foundation in our lives, writes Najwa Zabian in her book Welcome Home.

When I started reading the book and its powerful description of how the foundations of the homes of our lives are built on self-acceptance and self-awareness, rather than on other things that would lead us to build our lives in the lives of others, I was skeptical, thinking of Christ saying that he should be the foundation of our lives. But then I realized that through Christ we are called to accept ourselves (love your neighbor as yourself) and to become more self-aware (remove the log from your own eye before removing the speck from your neighbor’s).

Really, I think a lot of hate would be avoided in our lives if we could accept ourselves as political beings while also growing in self-awareness.

What would self-awareness look like?

I can only speak to myself, so I want to challenge you to ask yourself what self-awareness looks like for you. Also: who do you know who personifies self-awareness?

You don’t need to tell anyone else, just become it. Become self-aware, and accept yourself in Christ, who accepts you and loves you without bounds.

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