Gratitude: St. Teresa of Avila

I am reading a book called Holy Daring about St. Teresa of Avila. Let’s just say that it is not pious scribble. No! It is invigorating, about the rich and joyful and marvelous life of St. Teresa of Avila, the bridal mystic from the 16th century.

As I read, I am filled with joy.

As I read, I realize how scared of joy I have become due to my fear of mania and the darkness that can follow.

Now, on my medicine and stable, I can read, invigorated, about the wonderful Avila, inspired as a Christian woman to go and live fully, happy just like her. Granted, she was a nun and Catholic, and I have no intention of becoming either… but in terms of joy and not being afraid of joy or God, this sounds perfect!

On medicine, reading about religious ecstasy isn’t scary. I’m not too sucked in, about to drive across the country without telling family. No, I’m sane. And I can soak in the spirituality as I bask in the final rays of the sun on this wonderful day, with the trees still lit up behind my home in Seattle, enjoying with gratitude the writings of Tessa Bielecki on the great Catholic saint, Teresa of Avila. It’s a great book.

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