A Prayer for You

Dear God, please help my readers feel safe this advent season. Cover them with love, blessings, and with the assurance that they are loved. If it is hard during the winter, remind them that spring that follows winter. If they are lonely, remind them that Scripture is a constant companion and that it is available online.

Dear God, watch over our families, help us tend to ourselves and our responsibilities with grace. Help us to set boundaries that will protect us from toxic people, and help us to show love to those who live without shelter, to those with serious illness, and to those who don’t know you. If we know people in prison, remind us to visit them; if we don’t know people in prison, help us find a way to connect them with the outside world.

Thank you for your unfailing love, Dear God. May my readers feel, even if it is hard this season, the hope of Advent. Amen.

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