My Old Testament Class

My Old Testament class was good last quarter. It was very challenging and demanding. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to take it because I am currently working on a new book entitled The Nine Principles of Hope: Making a Difference as a Christian with my friend and fellow student Rachel Hayden, and the class changed my views on God considerably.

The book is my attempt to reconcile the principles of mindfulness with the Christian faith, and initially what I did was transpose mindfulness into Christian concepts, modifying some of the concepts as necessary. This was a good first step, but now, thanks to this class, I am learning that I need to let the Christian faith push back, teaching me its insights.

I remember reading a book that talked about Buddhism and the ethics of Buddhism and the book was concerned that the current mindfulness culture has secularized what is in reality a very ethical and moral tradition. This book, therefore, that I am working on will need to get into the ethics of the Christian faith. By this I do not mean moralizing about controversial topics–in all of my writings I am supportive of diversity, racial and sexual, trusting the consciences of my readers, that they know how to live their lives.

No, by ethics and morals I mean about racial justice and social justice more broadly, encompassing issues related to the climate and colonialism. Individualistic Christianity is essential, but this book will encompass that and push further. At least that is my conviction right now at this stage of the writing process.

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