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  • On Becoming a Writer

    On Becoming a Writer

    I run a tutoring website ( and have been an educator most of my life, but I was recently offered a job teaching Spanish at a prestigious high school and I declined it. Prior to that I was offered to be an adjunct at a local university. I declined that too. Even though my qualifications […]

  • Self-acceptance and Self-Awareness: Zabian’s Welcome Home

    Self-acceptance and Self-Awareness: Zabian’s Welcome Home

    Self-acceptance and self-awareness are key to building a solid foundation in our lives, writes Najwa Zabian in her book Welcome Home. When I started reading the book and its powerful description of how the foundations of the homes of our lives are built on self-acceptance and self-awareness, rather than on other things that would lead […]

  • Medication


    I’ve recently gone way up on my medication, almost doubling my antipsychotic, and my life has returned to the normal it was 10 years ago. Who would have thought that going up on medicine could be so transformational. My mom got me a beautiful sapphire ring for Christmas and I have made a rule to […]

  • The Haters

    The Haters

    There is a lot of wonder I have right now at how my life is playing out. I’m really grateful. But I’m also thinking about how neuroatypical people shame people like me, and how people like me tend to be writers or artists of myriad types of others who don’t fit in. Mental illness is […]

  • Loving what is…and stepping off the success treadmill

    Loving what is…and stepping off the success treadmill

    It has been an interesting journey to where I am now and I definitely think that my life is richer now and my experiences more meaningful than they were when I was an ambitious and successful 20-something. When I interact with friends who are still on the success treadmill, I do so with a mix […]

  • Jealousy


    Jealousy doesn’t happen often for me anymore. I’ve made my neuroatypical life so unique that it is really unusual for me to hear about someone and to then be jealous of them. But it finally happened. I discovered a bio online of a professor around my age, who has the same research interests as me, […]

  • Doing Well at Work

    Doing Well at Work

    There is something very satisfying in being able to do well at work, and I think I have stumbled upon a way to do this. When I am locked into a job for the whole school year, I start feeling trapped and unhappy, but short and long term substitute teaching is a joy, and I […]

  • Abuse and Community

    Abuse and Community

    When I was a girl, I was hit on by a coach. I recently learned that what happened to me is really common. The coach said he had been fantasizing about me while with his “girlfriend” who was my age (14) and then he paused to see my reaction. This is what child predators do. […]

  • A Holy Week Blessing from Dr. Jay Akkerman

    A Holy Week Blessing from Dr. Jay Akkerman

    A director and professor at Northwest Nazarene University sent along this message today and I thought I would share it (with his permission) with my readers. Have a great weekend! Nearly 51 years ago, the crew of Apollo 13 successfully lifted off from Kennedy Space Center’s Pad 39A. Veteran astronaut Jim Lovell commanded the mission, […]

  • Religious Men in Power

    Religious Men in Power

    I was reading in Christianity Today about a man named Ravi Zacharias, who wrote and preached extensively on why Christianity matters and why it’s real. He was a Christian apologist. But he also sexually exploited many women as he went about the world spreading the “Good News.” I was impressed by Christianity Today because it […]