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  • My Life in Dog Years

    My Life in Dog Years

    By Betsy Rectenwald, photo credit, Henry Rectenwald, featuring Erin, Todd and Addie Recently I lost two of my very best friends. Dearest Penny dog lost her life to a raging blood infection, and my beloved Granddog, Addie, died of cancer. The grief has been incredible. My heart is broken. So, given this sorrow and heartbreak, […]

  • Breathable Love

    Breathable Love

    By Lindsay Vernor *I am publishing something I didn’t write myself. This essay describes what, had I experienced it, I would have seen as a clinical problem, maybe dissociative identity disorder. It is a powerful reminder that sometimes we experience normal things but because of our illness, we assume it’s not normal. Lindsay writes: My […]

  • Going deeper still…

    Going deeper still…

    I have bought several secular books on meditation. In the mornings, I always used to do a meditation, whether mindfulness (mindfulness based stress reduction) or some other trending book with beautiful drawings and formatting. The only spiritual devotional I use is Peter Bellini’s Truth Therapy. I wrote about Truth Therapy and its positive influence in […]

  • A Holy Week Blessing from Dr. Jay Akkerman

    A Holy Week Blessing from Dr. Jay Akkerman

    A director and professor at Northwest Nazarene University sent along this message today and I thought I would share it (with his permission) with my readers. Have a great weekend! Nearly 51 years ago, the crew of Apollo 13 successfully lifted off from Kennedy Space Center’s Pad 39A. Veteran astronaut Jim Lovell commanded the mission, […]

  • Getting Over Myself

    Getting Over Myself

    I didn’t realize how much depth was possible in a human being until I became ill. And I didn’t realize the flatness and shallowness of others until I tried to interact with them while I was suffering. After a while, being superficial was no longer an option. I had to be honest. “You’re really shallow,” […]