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  • A Dedicated Husband in the Face of his Wife’s Multiple Sclerosis

    A Dedicated Husband in the Face of his Wife’s Multiple Sclerosis

    by Andriel Scharff, one of Erin’s best friends, on how a dedicated spouse helps us when we live with chronic ailments…: Recently I had the pleasure of traveling with my better half, Scott, to visit family. I currently live on Guam. While back in the States, I noticed how each home we visited had unique […]

  • The Purpose of this Blog

    The Purpose of this Blog

    In 2015 four years of increasing deterioration of my mental health led to my hospitalization, twice within a four month period, with schizoaffective disorder. I was not informed that I had the disorder until 5 years after, in 2020, because the news of such a devastating diagnosis itself has led people to self-hatred to the […]

  • Gratitude


    I am reading a book called Holy Daring about St. Teresa of Avila. Let’s just say that it is not pious scribble. No! It is invigorating, about the rich and joyful and marvelous life of St. Teresa of Avila, the bridal mystic from the 16th century. As I read, I am filled with joy. As […]

  • Coming out of Fog

    Coming out of Fog

    It’s not coming out of the fog. It’s coming out of fog. There are too many types of mental illness fog for me so I can’t just write that I’m coming out of the fog. Schizoaffective encompasses anxiety, depression, psychosis, mood, and also physical ailments related to the heart. What was my ailment the past […]

  • Self-acceptance and Self-Awareness

    Self-acceptance and Self-Awareness

    Self-acceptance and self-awareness are key to building a solid foundation in our lives, writes Najwa Zabian in her book Welcome Home. When I started reading the book and its powerful description of how the foundations of the homes of our lives are built on self-acceptance and self-awareness, rather than on other things that would lead […]

  • How I (Usually) Avoid Bipolar Spending

    How I (Usually) Avoid Bipolar Spending

    Let’s just say I have bought a lot of books and donated a lot of money. This would be the affective aspect of schizoaffective disorder. The mood part. The #bipolar part. It’s no secret that people with bipolar disorder, when mania hits, will spend tons of money without thinking twice about it. We also genuinely […]

  • The Somatics Blessing

    The Somatics Blessing

    I have written about the blessings of somatics (here), but in a recent post I described what I called the somatics trap, where somatics isn’t always the best if you’re on a higher dose of antipsychotics. Somatic therapists, I wrote, often don’t acknowledge that their approach isn’t for everyone, especially if a person has a […]

  • My Life in Dog Years

    My Life in Dog Years

    By Betsy Rectenwald, photo credit, Henry Rectenwald, featuring Erin, Todd and Addie Recently I lost two of my very best friends. Dearest Penny dog lost her life to a raging blood infection, and my beloved Granddog, Addie, died of cancer. The grief has been incredible. My heart is broken. So, given this sorrow and heartbreak, […]

  • Non-striving: It really works!

    Non-striving: It really works!

    I have gotten myself really worked up in the past few weeks. I went to a Christian conference, and let’s just say that I got a little bit into the works-righteousness mode. I became super obsessed with becoming perfect and also started worrying about behaviors that I saw in my spouse and friends that didn’t […]

  • Breathable Love

    Breathable Love

    By Lindsay Vernor *I am publishing something I didn’t write myself. This essay describes what, had I experienced it, I would have seen as a clinical problem, maybe dissociative identity disorder. It is a powerful reminder that sometimes we experience normal things but because of our illness, we assume it’s not normal. Lindsay writes: My […]