Dear friend,

I am excited to share my blog on this website! As a Christian, I believe healing resources should be available, for free, to believers and potential believers. This site helps bridge the gap between my published self (I have a forthcoming book, Emergent Grace) and my self-publishing-for-free self.

As a blogger and author I aim to help people

  • see themselves in the Christian story,
  • show that this is a story about hope,
  • and share that this is a hope all are invited to enter into by accepting Christ as their savior

Your life in Christ and who you are in Christ is more powerful than anything.

Mental illness can block our awareness of that initially.

Join the Emergent Grace movement! We are people who are focused on healing ourselves and then healing the world.

Abundant blessings and love,


Erin Michael Grimm applies faith to her journey towards mental health recovery as a writer and educator. She graduated summa cum laude from UC Berkeley and holds MAs in German and Comparative Literature. She has taught 5 languages at advanced levels and was also a Fulbright scholar at Moscow State University. Erin has over 10 years of experience as a teacher, department chair, and learning specialist, and serves as webmaster for

p.s. As you read my book, write me and tell me your thoughts. I read all of my email, but due to the volume of messages, can’t assure I’ll be able to respond.

Consider going to my resources page if you need help. Don’t forget: call 911 in case of emergency, and, if applicable, state that it is a psychiatric emergency and that police or counselors with that training need to be dispatched too. National suicide prevention information is found on the resources page.

There is help available, and I cannot and will not respond to crisis emails for the sake of my own mental health. If someone expresses intent to harm others, it will be reported as soon as I read the email, which may take some time. Call 911 if you have thoughts of harming others. There is help available.

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