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  • Non-striving: It really works!

    Non-striving: It really works!

    I have gotten myself really worked up in the past few weeks. I went to a Christian conference, and let’s just say that I got a little bit into the works-righteousness mode. I became super obsessed with becoming perfect and also started worrying about behaviors that I saw in my spouse and friends that didn’t […]

  • The Haters

    There is a lot of wonder I have right now at how my life is playing out. I’m really grateful. But I’m also thinking about how neuroatypical people shame people like me, and how people like me tend to be writers or artists of myriad types of others who don’t fit in. Mental illness is […]

  • Getting Over Myself

    I didn’t realize how much depth was possible in a human being until I became ill. And I didn’t realize the flatness and shallowness of others until I tried to interact with them while I was suffering. After a while, being superficial was no longer an option. I had to be honest. “You’re really shallow,” […]