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  • My Life in Dog Years

    My Life in Dog Years

    By Betsy Rectenwald, photo credit, Henry Rectenwald, featuring Erin, Todd and Addie Recently I lost two of my very best friends. Dearest Penny dog lost her life to a raging blood infection, and my beloved Granddog, Addie, died of cancer. The grief has been incredible. My heart is broken. So, given this sorrow and heartbreak, […]

  • Acceptance? Or Aspiring to Wellness?

    Acceptance? Or Aspiring to Wellness?

    There’s a dialectic between acceptance of my illness and my aspiration to wellness that frequents mental health memoirs and I’m wondering today when it was that I realized that sometimes wellness is acceptance. I feel like my mental illness is like a bicycle that was chained to a tree and the tree grew over it, […]