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  • Prayer and Degrees of Contribution

    Prayer and Degrees of Contribution

    What if we looked at our lives in terms of degrees of contribution rather than degrees of wellness or illness? What if the scale by which we assess our worth is not based on how we are doing, but how we are contributing? If we did this, then we would have to rethink what it […]

  • Staying the Course

    Staying the Course

    Hi everyone. I continue to do really well, and I also have added a new med that helps manage weight gain with antipsychotics, and so I’ve stopped gaining weight, which is great. I’ve even lost some weight and want to exercise again. Since I’m feeling so good, even I have started thinking about how I […]

  • Healthfulness


    Hi everyone, I’m just writing to update you further on my progress, to describe signs of that progress. I just went to the doctor because I was experiencing abdominal pain and was worried about my health. So why do I call that health? Simple: I never would have done this previously, even if I had […]

  • Values and Goals Based Living

    Values and Goals Based Living

    I have been reading books on mental health written for professional practitioners. NOT for psychiatrists, but for therapists. They are therapeutic. Ones for psychiatrists are very very depressing and I don’t recommend it. I’ll be sharing details from ones that are helpful. I bought these books a little while back in an urge to commit […]

  • Contribution: Is it Possible without Consistency?

    Contribution: Is it Possible without Consistency?

    I read something recently that said that to be a meaningful contributor you have to be consistent. This is certainly true to a point. But I think it is important to realize that if you try your best, and make it clear up front that you have a disability that keeps you from being consistent […]