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  • Non-striving: It really works!

    Non-striving: It really works!

    I have gotten myself really worked up in the past few weeks. I went to a Christian conference, and let’s just say that I got a little bit into the works-righteousness mode. I became super obsessed with becoming perfect and also started worrying about behaviors that I saw in my spouse and friends that didn’t…

  • Breathable Love

    Breathable Love

    By Lindsay Vernor *I am publishing something I didn’t write myself. This essay describes what, had I experienced it, I would have seen as a clinical problem, maybe dissociative identity disorder. It is a powerful reminder that sometimes we experience normal things but because of our illness, we assume it’s not normal. Lindsay writes: My…

  • Loving what is…and stepping off the success treadmill

    Loving what is…and stepping off the success treadmill

    It has been an interesting journey to where I am now and I definitely think that my life is richer now and my experiences more meaningful than they were when I was an ambitious and successful 20-something. When I interact with friends who are still on the success treadmill, I do so with a mix…