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  • Medicine, aka “Grandmother”

    Medicine, aka “Grandmother”

    I have thought, and I write about in my book, that taking my antipsychotic medication would be like taking a vitamin. Thinking of taking medicine as a way of taking a vitamin, since both contribute to wellness, has been very helpful. However, I just thought of a better way of thinking of it. I think…

  • Staying the Course

    Staying the Course

    Hi everyone. I continue to do really well, and I also have added a new med that helps manage weight gain with antipsychotics, and so I’ve stopped gaining weight, which is great. I’ve even lost some weight and want to exercise again. Since I’m feeling so good, even I have started thinking about how I…

  • Medication


    I’ve recently gone way up on my medication, almost doubling my antipsychotic, and my life has returned to the normal it was 10 years ago. Who would have thought that going up on medicine could be so transformational. My mom got me a beautiful sapphire ring for Christmas and I have made a rule to…