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  • The Rabbit Hole: Reading 19th-Century Literature

    The Rabbit Hole: Reading 19th-Century Literature

    If you can at all avoid it, please consider avoiding the rabbit hole and staying on the surface of things. Depth doesn’t always yield accuracy; in fact, it often yields projection. Allow me to explain. Mental health issues, especially schizophrenia, have to do with a system of thoughts that become interlocked and in which a […]

  • Religious Men in Power

    Religious Men in Power

    I was reading in Christianity Today about a man named Ravi Zacharias, who wrote and preached extensively on why Christianity matters and why it’s real. He was a Christian apologist. But he also sexually exploited many women as he went about the world spreading the “Good News.” I was impressed by Christianity Today because it […]

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Take More Meds

    Don’t Be Afraid to Take More Meds

    I just did, and wondered whether I might not be alone, that winter’s end brings about mood swings. In fact, Kay Redfield Jamison writes about the particular danger of spring. So just take more medicine if you need. Accept that you need it if you do, and remember you won’t have to be on this […]

  • Re-learning Tact

    Re-learning Tact

    I can remember when I first began slipping how what I would say would still be politely framed, but it would be said at an inopportune time and would be repeated unnecessarily. My mind was literally coming undone. I became dependent upon whether people responded or not to my emails and read into it unnecessarily […]

  • Be Kind, Especially Now. But How? (a.k.a. Reading Peter Levine)

    Be Kind, Especially Now. But How? (a.k.a. Reading Peter Levine)

    As a person who is neuroatypical, people are often surprised by what ends up having hurt me, and also by how I bounce back quickly after setbacks that others might never recover from. The problem with this is that it has had the following unexpected side effect: I can really hurt people’s feelings, and since […]