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  • The Somatics Trap

    The Somatics Trap

    I’m still doing fine, but have had to go up on my medicine because I started doing “too” well, if you know what I mean (hello – mania!). I got really productive there for a couple of weeks, and then I got too excited about that to really enjoy the fruits of my labor. I […]

  • Flexible Routines are My Version of Health

    Flexible Routines are My Version of Health

    It seems that as long as I have remembered I have been learning about highly successful people and their rigid routines that helped them to be so productive during their lives. One formidable figure took a walk a certain time through Heidelberg every day. Another one would write at least 1000 words a day from […]

  • Christian Mindfulness

    Christian Mindfulness

    “The spiritual practitioner is a symbolic microcosm of the world she inhabits (and transforms). – Coakley, Powers and Submissions Does being a Christian change the way we are? In his book After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters, Bishop N.T. Wright talks about the virtuous circle, composed of the following elements: -Scripture-Stories-Examples-Community-Practices Indeed, he argues, […]

  • Healthfulness


    Hi everyone, I’m just writing to update you further on my progress, to describe signs of that progress. I just went to the doctor because I was experiencing abdominal pain and was worried about my health. So why do I call that health? Simple: I never would have done this previously, even if I had […]

  • Medication


    I’ve recently gone way up on my medication, almost doubling my antipsychotic, and my life has returned to the normal it was 10 years ago. Who would have thought that going up on medicine could be so transformational. My mom got me a beautiful sapphire ring for Christmas and I have made a rule to […]

  • The Rabbit Hole: Reading 19th-Century Literature

    The Rabbit Hole: Reading 19th-Century Literature

    If you can at all avoid it, please consider avoiding the rabbit hole and staying on the surface of things. Depth doesn’t always yield accuracy; in fact, it often yields projection. Allow me to explain. Mental health issues, especially schizophrenia, have to do with a system of thoughts that become interlocked and in which a […]

  • Observing Distress Rather than Becoming Distressed

    Observing Distress Rather than Becoming Distressed

    I can still remember my late twenties. I began having a hard time. I started going to a therapist, who told me that I should tell him my worries and then, crucially, he taught me how to observe my problems as though they were a leaf on a stream. I was supposed to watch the […]

  • Book Review: Treating Psychosis: A Clinician’s Guide

    Book Review: Treating Psychosis: A Clinician’s Guide

    I have been reading books on mental health written for professional practitioners. NOT for psychiatrists, but for therapists. They are therapeutic. Ones for psychiatrists are very very depressing and I don’t recommend it. I’ll be sharing details from ones that are helpful. I bought these books a little while back in an urge to commit […]

  • Reading about Schizophrenia

    Reading about Schizophrenia

    I started suffering from schizotypal symptoms in 2011 after being traumatized by a man who was in authority over me. I didn’t realize that trauma could form such a lasting and hidden wound as delusions, which hide their medical reality from the sufferer and seem like life is something that it is not. That you’re […]

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Take More Meds

    Don’t Be Afraid to Take More Meds

    I just did, and wondered whether I might not be alone, that winter’s end brings about mood swings. In fact, Kay Redfield Jamison writes about the particular danger of spring. So just take more medicine if you need. Accept that you need it if you do, and remember you won’t have to be on this […]