Is God abusive?

I can be dramatic, but this takes the cake. Last November I wrote on my prayer card: “There you are, God, helping me see where I have to go and where I have fallen short. My prayers have started to reflect what I want instead of what you are actually calling me to do.” I […]

Self-acceptance and Self-Awareness

Self-acceptance and self-awareness are key to building a solid foundation in our lives, writes Najwa Zabian in her book Welcome Home. When I started reading the book and its powerful description of how the foundations of the homes of our lives are built on self-acceptance and self-awareness, rather than on other things that would lead […]

How I (Usually) Avoid Bipolar Spending

Let’s just say I have bought a lot of books and donated a lot of money. This would be the affective aspect of schizoaffective disorder. The mood part. The #bipolar part. It’s no secret that people with bipolar disorder, when mania hits, will spend tons of money without thinking twice about it. We also genuinely […]

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The Somatics Blessing

I have written about the blessings of somatics (here), but in a recent post I described what I called the somatics trap, where somatics isn’t always the best if you’re on a higher dose of antipsychotics. Somatic therapists, I wrote, often don’t acknowledge that their approach isn’t for everyone, especially if a person has a […]

My Life in Dog Years

By Betsy Rectenwald, photo credit, Henry Rectenwald, featuring Erin, Todd and Addie Recently I lost two of my very best friends. Dearest Penny dog lost her life to a raging blood infection, and my beloved Granddog, Addie, died of cancer. The grief has been incredible. My heart is broken. So, given this sorrow and heartbreak, […]

The Somatics Trap

I’m still doing fine, but have had to go up on my medicine because I started doing “too” well, if you know what I mean (hello – mania!). I got really productive there for a couple of weeks, and then I got too excited about that to really enjoy the fruits of my labor. I […]


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